HICOOP INTERNATIONAL adalah salah satu label pakaian dalam pria andalan PT. Vista Mandiri Gemilang untuk pasar lokal Indonesia yang dikenal sebagai pakaian dalam pria yang diproduksi dengan standar kualitas yang tinggi.

Saat ini HICOOP INTERNATIONAL sudah terbesar di pasar domestik dan dapat diperoleh di toko-toko fashion, departement store, supermarket,  mini market dan gerai-gerai retail di seluruh Indonesia,  PT. Vista Mandiri Gemilang sedang menjajaki untuk mengembangkan pemasaran produknya baik dengan label Hicoop maupun Private Label klien di pasar internasional.

Pabrik kami memproduksi berbagai jenis bahan dan pakaian dalam, sebagai berikut :

  1. Bahan Katun
  2. Kain Rajut
  3. Celana Dalam
  4. Boxer
  5. Pakaian Tidur
  6. Kaos Singlet
  7. Kaos Oblong
  8. Kaos Polo
  9. Pakaian Dalam Wanita
  10. Pakaian Dalam Anak-Anak
  11. Pakaian Bayi

What your underwear says about your personality

Publish Date : 29 April 2014

Could your underwear preference shows your personality?

Maybe some of your friends or acquaintances are often guessing your character based on your birth, zodiac or certain primbon. And you've also tried to understand your personality by reading about the meaning of your name,  shio, and following some personality quizzes in various magazines. But, did you know that your preferences in choosing the type of underwear could also implies your personality? Is it difficult to believe? Let's follow the observational results by MensHealth together with TheUnderwearExpert here.


Men who choose and having 90% boxer in his closet is a man who adoring cosiness. A loose shape and comfortly fabrics of boxer implies a relax and easy going personality and also love to travel person. Character of the boxer also show a confidence and  flexible personality of the person who wear it. In love relationship, a man who wear boxer is not easily conquered because their character is "no character". Actors such as Will Smith, Tom Cruise, and Ryan Gosling is interested in the boxer.

Boxer Brief

Psychologically, a man who choose boxer briefs as his dominant shows poise and maturity. Wearing boxer brief with a length that cover most of the thigh shows the man is not typically a person who adores himself too much, they are more towards  to emphasis on self mastery, leadership, and self-confidence of masculinity. Barack Obama, Brad Pitt, and George Clooney were the most concrete example of a character-hopping boxer brief.


The triangular shape of brief shows a conservative personality, formal, and well-organized in terms of neat. Men who only have a collection of brief,  especially when they only have in standard colors like black and white, not too fond of experimenting, neither with himself or with a partner. He would rather a predictable life than surprisingly. In love relationship, a brief type of men are pretty easy to guess so easily to make them happy.

Thong and bikini-brief

Men who wearing  thong and bikini-brief is being confident and proud (or at least feel proud) of the beauty of his body. They are love challenge and sometimes considered to be extremly exhibitionist. Among homosexual guys, they who wear these both types of  underwear considered as “strawberry” (feminine side that acts as a "woman"). Most men not consider their butt as a valuable asset like Mr. P,  in the contrary men who wear thong and bikini show so much concern on their butt as the source of beauty so that needs to be highlighted.  In love relationship, these type of men are a true adventurer that is hard to committed.


Men who like wearing trunk are between the types of brief and boxer. They are not rigid, but also has no rebel passion in their soul.  This type has the high spirit of youth  and they did not consider themselves as conservative person. The character of the trunk that covers half the thighs implies that the wearer is a person who likes to take the Middle Road and avoid conflict. If the user of the brief is the average man, then users of the trunk is a man who is slightly above average.


Men who wearing jockstrap is identical to the fascinating surprises that life gives. They always answered "YES" to all the challenges. As the partygoers who are active, the jockstrap wearer usually has a mysterious sexual fantasies.


Whatever the type of underwear that you love to wear just remember that personality can be changed for the better, and not solely dependent of underwear that you wear. It is your right to choose any kind of underwear you like without dabble into what is written above. The bottom line, replace your underwear regularly twice a day to maintain your health.

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