HICOOP INTERNATIONAL adalah salah satu label pakaian dalam pria andalan PT. Vista Mandiri Gemilang untuk pasar lokal Indonesia yang dikenal sebagai pakaian dalam pria yang diproduksi dengan standar kualitas yang tinggi.

Saat ini HICOOP INTERNATIONAL sudah terbesar di pasar domestik dan dapat diperoleh di toko-toko fashion, departement store, supermarket,  mini market dan gerai-gerai retail di seluruh Indonesia,  PT. Vista Mandiri Gemilang sedang menjajaki untuk mengembangkan pemasaran produknya baik dengan label Hicoop maupun Private Label klien di pasar internasional.

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  4. Boxer
  5. Pakaian Tidur
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Men's Underwear Fabric Types

Publish Date : 31 May 2014

Knowing all kinds of men's underwear fabrics type can help you choosing the right underwear suit to yourself.

There are a huge different range of men’s underwear in the market today. It is vary by type, model, brand and fabric types. Every men’s underwear fabric has the advantage of its kind.

Here we provide you a reference about men’s underwear fabrics type so you can choose which fabric suit to you and make you comfortable.


Cotton is the most popular garmen material all around the world. It is made from natural fibers and known with its smoothness and comfortable. Beside it’s well breathes material. Most of clothes, including men’s underwear made from cotton.

Combed cotton

The difference between Cotton and Combed Cotton is in production steps. Combed cotton made with an extra combing process. The process removed  the short fibers, and remaining fibers are straightened. Combed cotton is still soft, comfortable, and a well breathes material, but it’s cleaner, more uniform, lustrous, and stronger than original cotton. Besides combed cotton, cotton also developed become various fiber products. Another cotton development product, contain different compound material. That’s the reason why various cotton have various quality too. The best kind of cotton fiber in the world known as Supima Cotton. The others are known as : Pima cotton, Ring Spun Cotton, Peruvian Pima Cotton, etc.


Coolmax made from synthetic fiber called polyester. It’s specially engineered to move moisture away from the body quickly. Because it’s ability, coolmax known as the coolest fiber and fast drying material. That’s why coolmax is the right choice for men’s underwear who is really active and love outdoor activity. The coolmax underwear is resists fading, and doesn't wrinkle or shrink.


Latex is made with rubber and thus, has elasticity. Wearing latex tends to be skin-tight. It’s used to protect skin when exposed to sun.  That’s why Latex mostly used for bikini and swimsuit.


Polyester is a synthetic fiber. It’s famous with its strength, durability, and doesn’t wrinkle. Polyester also kind of fast drying material, is known for its ability to hold color well. Now polyester developed or mixed with another material, to be another various synthetic fibers.


Nylon made as the alternative to silk. That’s why its quality almost similar with silk. It’s a lightweight syhntetic fiber, strong, durable, but still soft. Some of nylon made with anti-bacterial proof.


If nylon come from petroleum product. Rayon come from plant materials. Rayon also made as an alternative to silk like nylon. Rayon, nylon, and silk have similar quality.


The combination of polyester, acetate, nylon and rayon produce satin. This fiber extremely soft. Cloths or underwear made with satin will have a surface effect that traditionally glossy.


Silk is one of ancient fiber from china. It’s made from proteins secreted by silkworm. Since the old time, silk known as one best quality fiber. It’s known for its softness, leightweight, and strength. Long time ago, silk also used for chain armor coat.


Spandex or also known as Elastane, made from a synthetic fiber named polyurethane. Spandex is the best alternative to Latex. It’s highly elastic, strong, durable, and non-absorbent to water and oils.

Now you know that men’s underwear is definitely not just made out of cotton anymore. Do you men have your own choice? I belive that men is a person who would choose which fabric types is the most comfortable, durable, and suitable with their lifestyle.

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